Class 9 Notes Geography-India Size and Location


India is an antiquated civilisation however now it is a creating country. It has demonstrated surprising advancement in different fields.


  • India lies completely in the Northern Hemisphere. 

  • India's territory reaches out amongst scopes, and longitudes. 

  • The Tropic of Cancer isolates India into two relatively equivalent amounts of. 

  • The island gatherings of Lakshadweep and Andman and Nicobar are additionally part of India. 


  • Covering a region of 3.28 million square kilometers, India's aggregate territory is 2.4% of the aggregate land region of the world. 

  • India is the world's seventh biggest nation with a land limit of around 15,200 km, with add up to length of the coastline being 7,516.6 km. 

  • India's east-west degree gives off an impression of being littler than the north-south degree. 

  • India's latitudinal and longitudinal degree is around 30 degrees. 

  • India's standard time depends on 82.30 degrees E meridian, which leaves close Mirzapur in Behind. 

  • Latitudinal degree impacts term of the day and night. 

India and the World 

  • The Indian landmass is midway situated amongst West and East Asia. 

  • The trans Indian sea courses associate nations in the west and districts in the east. 

  • India's jutting Deccan Peninsula helped India to build up close contacts with West Asia, Africa and Europe, South-east and East Asia. 

  • India's contacts with the world by means of land courses are substantially more than her oceanic contacts. 

  • India is the main country which has a sea named after it. 

  • India has contributed a considerable measure to the world in types of thoughts, rationalities (Upanishads, Ramayana, Panchtantra) and arithmetic (Indian numerals and decimal framework). 

  • In return, India's design was impacted by Greek model and compositional styles from West Asia. 

India's Neighbors 

  • India has an essential position in South Asia and has 29 States and 7 Union Territories. 

  • India imparts its limits to Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan. 

  • The southern neighbors over the ocean comprise of the two island nations, in particular Maldives and Sri Lanka. 

  • Shri Lanka is isolated from India by Pak Strait, a thin portion of ocean. 

  • India dependably have and had solid topographical and authentic connections with her neighbors. 

  • India stands separated from whatever remains of Asia.
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